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Deposits & Final Payments

Please note that bookings are not confirmed until a deposit is made. Priority of bookings and securing dates will be given to the paying customer. For wedding cakes a non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your date and the balance is payable 4 weeks before the wedding date. The initial deposit is non refundable under any circumstance due to time already spent on consultation and any loss of business due to your booking on that date. Celebration cakes require a 50% deposit and the balance is to payable on collection or delivery of your cake. Without the full balance, your cake will not be released from our premises so if you are paying your balance via bank transfer, please ensure that the transfer has cleared in our account prior to collection. Payments can be made by BACS or cash.


All deposits for celebration cakes are non-refundable. Please ensure that you are happy with this before paying your deposit. In the event of cancelling a wedding cake the following charges will apply:

From booking until 8 weeks before the event date the deposit will be retained.

Between 8 and 4 weeks before the event date, the deposit is retained and half of the out standing balance is to be paid.

Cancellations within 4 weeks before the event date will require full payment to be made.

We retain the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or ill health. We will in this instance refund all payments.

Delivery & Setup

Delivery of wedding cakes will be charged according to distance, actual travel time and time of day required. The delivery charge will be advised to you at the time of consultation. If the venue is changed at a later date then further distance additional charges may apply. Although care is taken when transporting your cake, damage in transit can happen. We carry special repair kits for circumstances where damage may occur. All cakes will be repaired at the venue as close to the original design as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that is rendered to the cake after we have left the premises. It is with this in mind we require an appointed person by you to be the signatory for the safe delivery and set up of your cake to confirm its perfect condition before we leave. It is your responsibility to ensure the venue has a suitable table and location for the cake to be set up and displayed, preferably not in direct sunlight, or next to a radiator or heat source. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have given us the correct delivery information. On occasion we are faced with severe weather conditions or other unexpected events that may make your venue inaccessible. You can be assured that we will always do our best to deliver as pre-arranged. Wedding insurance may give you peace of mind.


You can collect your celebration cake by arrangement. Please be aware that once any cake has left our workshop it is your responsibility. We will give clear instruction on how best to transport and handle your cake but we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or damage occurred after handover - and any emergency repairs required after collection resulting in call out for repair will result in extra charges which will be confirmed at the time. You must bear in mind cakes can be very fragile and you must drive accordingly. They must be placed on a flat surface (ideally in the boot of a car on non slip matting) never on a passengers knee, or car seat. Celebration cakes are more generally collected from our premises however delivery and set-up can be arranged at a further cost and will be subject to the same delivery terms as above. A time will be agreed for you to collect your celebration cake by prior agreement between us (Kitticakes) and you (the client). Please ensure that you arrive for your collection on time at your pre agreed collection time. The most popular days for collections for celebration cakes fall on a weekend. As we do not work 24 hours a day 7 days a week your collection time, to make it more convenient for you will sometimes fall at a time when we are not working in the workshop and is our out of work time therefore it is important that you adhere to your times. We will have appointments of our own, family plans and a structure to our day so failure to arrive at your agreed time will result in the possibility of us not being here if you arrive late and you having to rearrange another suitable time to collect. This could inconvenience you greatly if your cake is for an event of which will take place before you are able to collect your cake because you didn't arrive on time!  

Design/Alterations to orders

It is your responsibility to read and check your quote thoroughly; any amendments should be made in writing. We are happy to make alterations to your cake design up to 4 weeks prior to your event date. Last minute changes will be accommodated as much as possible but may incur extra costs depending on design detail change required. Whilst every effort will be made to assist customers, please note that late changes cannot always be guaranteed. We reserve the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control may compromise the quality of the finished cake. eg. sweating due to weather.


If you have dietary requirements or allergies we are happy to offer suggestions on cakes that are 'free from' eggs, nuts, alcohol and wheat (being the most common requests). But please note that cakes are baked in a kitchen that contains these ingredients. Cakes can also be contaminated at the venue via other products, which we cannot control. Please make sure any guests with nut allergies are made aware of the ingredients used in your cake.

In the event that we have not designed your cake personally to your requirements and you have chosen for us to create a design that you have seen on an image from elsewhere or from any other medium that the design you have chosen will not be copied exactly due to copyright of other cake designs and also out of respect to the original cake creator. We will create similar to, if you so wish, but not exactly the same. Please ensure that you are happy with this when booking and making your deposit payment. Even copies of our own designs won't be exact and will vary from their originals.  


Most cakes contain a small amount of non edible items, it is therefore your responsibility to ensure these are removed by you, your caterers or guests before consumption such as; support dowels, ribbon, flowers, wired decorations, internal cake boards etc. Where fresh flowers are being used, bear in mind that some flowers are poisonous and are therefore not suitable for use on your cake, such as ivy and gypsophela (baby's breath) plus others - and these are not suitable for use on cakes. You should notify your flower supplier of your intention to use flowers on your cake to ensure non poisonous flowers are used.

Colour matching

We will make every possible effort to match icing colours and/or ribbon to colour swatches provided to us for representation on your chosen cake. However, this is not always possible, particularly with icing, due to the nature of the ingredients used, and it must be kept in mind that icing and buttercream colours can alter on standing, and in different environments and changing temperatures. We will, however, always be as accurate as possible.

Best before date

Your cake is baked as close to your date as possible to ensure it is as fresh as possible for the date that you require. We cannot guarantee this if it is consumed more than 48 hours after the event. Our cakes are made entirely using only the very best of ingredients, so we'd like to remind you that because of this they will not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes.

Cake & Accessories

Should you require the use of a cake stand, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have paid the relevant payment and deposit for this otherwise we will assume that you are providing your own or using the stand provided to you by your venue.

Damage to any accessory being hired from Kitticakes, such as a cake stand will result in the retention in whole of the deposit made.


If you have concerns about your cake, please notify us either upon delivery, or inspection if being collected so that we have the opportunity to rectify this at the time and also in time for your event.  Any disputes must be reported either immediately on delivery, or at the time at time of collection. If this is not done, and you have had the cake delivered and signed for in perfect condition be it by yourself or by a third party, or have collected and signed for the cake in perfect condition and that you are happy with the cake, then there is no liability after this for any dispute - by agreeing to the terms and conditions you are agreeing that you are happy with your cake and this is where Kitticakes' liability will cease. You have signed for your cake is perfect condition and that you are happy with your cake, so there will be no discussion after this should you decide after signing that something is not to your liking. All cakes delivered to venues are photographed from many different angles to show the cake in it's condition when left by us. Once the cake has been collected or delivered, Kitticakes will not be held responsible for any damages that happen to

the cake by incorrect handling, incorrect storage, incorrect transportation or any damage of any kind. In the unlikely event of late delivery (defined as delivery after the start of the wedding breakfast) the maximum compensation will be 10% of the full cost. We ask for your patience with factors beyond our control eg: traffic conditions for example, due to major incident, as we cannot be held liable for such delays.

. If there is anything you do not understand please feel free to contact me.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to all of the above. Please feel free to print this page for your records.

Terms & Conditions

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